The end of the world – Sagres

The car door wrenches open. Wind swirls in flapping us out in a cling of hats and cameras towards the lighthouse at Cabo St Vincente – the south-westerly tip of Europe, of the Sagres Peninsular in Portugal.

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The Graphic May 1879: news on the same world – not much change

The Zulu War - with the Natal Native Contingent: Officers' Drill

The Zulu War – with the Natal Native Contingent: Officers’ Drill

The way the world looked from London in May 1879

The Graphic, an illustrated weekly newspaper from London, takes a sweep around the world and hands back what it sees.   Here are some cuttings – the text and illustrations are as produced in the original publication.  The award of the Victoria Cross to the “gallant” defenders of Rorke’s Drift is covered in a paragraph.  

I have added links to similar articles in recent news – if you have the time please click.  Not much seems to change except in the matter of gloves.

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