Naples in 10

A look back (first published 2 December 2014): an attempt to catch in a handful some of the history that has shaped Naples, Italy – a city whose music and tailoring still fashion many of us … often without us even knowing.

The Phraser

Pulcinella on the lungomare in Naples Pulcinella on the Lungomare in Naples

Punch-drunk but still standing Naples has borne the attentions and abuses of history with steely grace.  Today she is like the coffee she serves – undiluted and unapologetic.

Here’s an attempt at a ten point profile of the city.

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The art of the personal stylist – from duck to diva

Dragged to the stylist

Dragged to the stylist

If I had to pick out my body on an identity parade I don’t think I could – I’m not that confident I’d even get my head right. First impressions have always put me off looking too closely.

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