The hazards of waiting for paintings to arrive

Ever met the stress an artist feels when their paintings do not arrive as predicted for an exhibition? I have. Now I understand.

When the first delivery date whistled past, Katie began to call. At first hesitant, but then insistent, tracking down the human voices behind the automated systems. As the exhibition came closer the calls became more frantic, and the results more erratic.

“A problem with them.” “Charges to pay.” “Looks like they’re in Frankfurt.” “Oh, they’ve been returned to sender.”

Nooooo! How do you hold on to your sanity? At last the words came. “They will be delivered tomorrow.”

The wash of relief, of love and forgiveness … but only one arrived. More calls. More strain. More van space needed. “Tomorrow.”

And finally, miraculously, they appeared. Just in time.

The artist was my niece, Katie Simpson, invited, along with other young artists, to take part in a one night only exhibition, organised by Fauna Brewing, to raise funds for conservation charities in Africa. The setting in Arundel Castle at night, was dramatic, and so were the paintings. Katie’s cheetah is painted with the red earth of Tsavo. Her wild dog was watching us as we came in.

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