A musical note from mezzo-soprano, Serena Malfi

Names are strange labels – some disappear on the wind, others lodge like shards of sunlight in the memory.  I met such a name, one that lingers, in an apartment in an old palazzo in Naples, Italy.

The apartment belonged to Michael Aspinall, and the name was Serena Malfi.

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Interview: Michael Aspinall – gentleman diva and ‘maestro di canto classico’

Michael Aspinall photographed in Christ Church, Naples Italy in 2016

Michael Aspinall photographed in Christ Church, Naples Italy in 2016

The trouble with being the king of a niche is that however impeccable your talents your kingdom may not be big enough for those outside the niche to notice your crown … which, if the king is a modest man, leaves the rest of us none the wiser … as it were.

I met such a king recently and it took two years to discover who he was.

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Concert at the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples, Italy

A look back (first published March 17 2015): when this was written the San Carlo was virtually hidden behind scaffolding. I saw the theatre a few days ago and, although still under repair externally, the bandaging is much lighter now.

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Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy

The Teatro di San Carlo in Naples is the world’s oldest working theatre and still ranks amongst its most famous opera houses.  I’m no opera expert but if I close my eyes and imagine an opera house I see it with glamour, gold and balconies of red.  The Teatro di San Carlo has all that.

A few weeks ago we were treated to a concert there.  First we had to find the theatre.

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