Naples, Italy: the loss of Pino Daniele

This piece is an updated version of an article first published last year to mark the anniversary of the death of the singer Pino Daniele who was born and raised in Naples, Italy. Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of his death … I don’t think Naples will ever forget him.

The Phraser

Pino Daniele - singer, adored by Naples, died suddenly January 2015 Pino Daniele

Waves of emotion can hit you from any distance – one washed right over me this time two years ago. I was thousands of miles away from the event that caused the outpouring of emotion … but I knew that it mattered.

The ‘event’ was the sudden death of the singer Pino Daniele on January 4th 2015, and the city whose heart split open was Napoli. Facebook wept with tributes. I could feel the pain from wherever I sat.

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Concert at the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples, Italy

Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy

Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy

The Teatro di San Carlo in Naples is the world’s oldest working theatre and still ranks amongst its most famous opera houses.  I’m no opera expert but if I close my eyes and imagine an opera house I see it with glamour, gold and balconies of red.  The Teatro di San Carlo has all that.

A few weeks ago we were treated to a concert there.  First we had to find the theatre.

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