Review: Don McCullin Photography Exhibition at Tate Britain

At the entrance to the exhibition of Don McCullin's photographs at Tate Britain, London

At the entrance to the exhibition of Don McCullin’s photographs at Tate Britain, London

Black and white and not very big, each frame – and there are rooms of them – shows what it felt like to be there. Not easy most of the time, but so compelling.

The exhibition of photographs taken by Don McCullin over the last sixty years is on at the Tate Britain in London until 6 May 2019. I went last week…so did plenty of others.

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The Certosa di San Martino: the jewel at the top of Naples

A look back (first published on 13 December 2015): I have made quite significant changes to this post – the skeleton is the same as the original but I have replaced much of the Angevin history with photographs. By the end of our two years in Naples I had visited this charterhouse so often that my library of photographs is more than my blog can hold. I hope you enjoy them, and that one day you’ll be able to visit the Certosa di San Martino yourself, because I know that my camera and I can’t do it justice.

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The Certosa di San Martino and Castel Sant'Elmo dominate the Naples skyline The Certosa di San Martino and Castel Sant’Elmo dominate the Naples skyline

There are two chunks of prime real estate in Naples, two properties that swagger largest when you look up at the city from the sea.  They’ve been together for centuries.

The highest of the two is Castel Sant’Elmo – the star-shaped fortress that looks like it’s been carved out of rock by a gifted sledgehammer.  Right next to it is the Certosa di San Martino, proud when seen from below, but less obvious when approached by road.

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Review: Photography – Jake Galson breaks the blink barrier

Jake Galson - self-portrait

Jake Galson – self-portrait

“I am always trying new things, and aim to take pictures that portray the subject in a way that cannot always be seen by the naked eye.”

Galson, a graduate of Pembroke College, Oxford, with a degree in biological sciences, and a DPhil in Paediatrics, challenges the link between retina and brain and asks us to look again.

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