The time for resolutions is here

I am not good at resolutions. However, I have resolved to try to end such feebleness (resolution one), and I have come up with a second resolution (resolution two), which is a public resolution. The public bit I hope might prevent it remaining in bud for the entire year.

The resolution is to work on The Phraser. The aim is to get faster and better at the craft of blogging, by producing a postcard post every day. There may even be the occasional podcast. Fluency through practice is what I hope for.

The idea sounded grand in my head when I came up with it, and it felt so possible. For a few hours at least. Then Day One arrived, and Day One went. Nothing. Then Day Two arrived, and Day Two went. Nothing.Then today – Day Three. And something has begun. My mission to produce daily mutterings and occasional photographs has taken its first faltering steps. At last.

So, if desperate moments of nothing hit you, and you’d like to look in, to check if anything’s happening, I should be here.

Until tomorrow. I hope!

Best wishes for 2023, and the happenings in your life.


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