Capo Miseno, Bacoli, not far from Naples

A look back (first published 3 June 2015): my thanks to Drusilla Gillen who, in the comments at the end of the original post, provided the following information: “… the current thinking is that the children of Cleopatra and Marc Antony, first twins Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene, followed by Ptolemy Philadelphus, survived.
Cleopatra’s son by Julius Ceasar, Caesarian was a threat to Octavians inheritance, so was killed. But the others were sent to Rome and (bizarrely,) cared for by Marc Anthony’s previous wife, Octavian’s sister Octavia Minor.
Like the princes in the tower, the boys disappear from history, only Cleopatra Selene survived, appearing again, married to King Juba II of Mauritania.”

The Phraser

The light at Capo Miseno, Bácoli. The lighthouse was bombed in WWII and rebuilt in 1954 The light at Capo Miseno, Bacoli. The lighthouse was bombed in WWII and rebuilt in 1954

A couple of weeks ago, like moths to a flame, we set off by car to find the lighthouse at Capo Miseno, on the north-westerly tip of the Bay of Naples.  The dog in the back was beyond excitement.

Within a few miles he could smell the sea to our left and the fresh trees and orchards around the lakes, and down the hillsides to our right.

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