Chasing Laces – Voices from the Running Scene – Chapter 7

Chasing Laces – Voices from the Running Scene by Arthur Knaggs


Frank wore his club’s hoodie. That was to help me recognise him. I didn’t. He found me and sat down. A young looking man in his early forties, Frank wore shorts and trainers. He had neat, cropped hair and was heading out for a run later. When he spoke, words and ideas tumbled out like they had been through a washing machine. He circled round points and repeated phrases as they surfaced and re-surfaced in his mind.

So you’re a runner yourself then? I’m a relatively new runner. I started in 2017 and I used to play football but then I stopped. I got a bit unfit, put a bit of weight on, and then I thought sod it. So I just entered the local half marathon.

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