An apology and a pleasure

IMG_1756About a month ago I was nominated for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by Annabel Hughes who writes the blog Savannabel.  My apology is for her – sorry this did not happen faster but I’m still recovering from three weeks of intense Italian.

Now the pleasure – the time to read through the kingdom of blogs and to thank my nominator.

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This hopping blog – what? why? and how? how?

Brett Davies Photosightfaces

Brett Davies

Why this blog? Here are some answers, first written in 2014 and updated in 2018.
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Blog hopping: Savannabel … and a note about me

Annabel’s blog is beautiful – photographs to feast the soul and recipes that snap all the senses back to life. As for the setting I know it is everything it claims and many elephants more.

A thousand thanks to Annabel for the boost she gave to my morale by including me in this blog hop. Blogging is like releasing carrier pigeons – a little attention to the pigeons at their journey’s end and then they’ve a real chance to make it home again to fly another day.

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A month or so ago, Molly Moynahan, a novelist and writing teacher living in Chicago, invited me to participate in a Blogger Hop, something I’d never heard about being such a newbie to the blogosphere. It’s an opportunity, Molly later explained, to open up the genre and introduce your blog to new readers. Molly’s blog is don’t you know who I am? (Click on the link to take a look.) When I realized the caliber of blogger in whose ‘hop’ I was being asked to contribute, I felt a little daunted, but also privileged. So, with gratitude to Molly, below is my post, which isn’t about food, nature or lifestyle in the Zambezi Valley. It’s a post that focuses on the writing process. Mine to be precise. Molly, meanwhile, writes about her process here.

Heading down to our seedling garden with the dogs. Heading down to our seedling garden with the dogs.

What am I working on?

I hadn’t written much since completing a political memoir in 2010. Writing that book was like running…

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