The ‘whys’ and the ‘whats’ of the School Governor Role

Here’s an updated version of a piece I wrote when I first started to blog. At the time I still worked in the hectic world of schools, and saw at first hand the difference governors could make.

The Phraser

School Governors

Why be a school governor? Because the more our children succeed the better we’ll all be.

What’s needed? Time, enthusiasm, and the willingness to learn and work with others.

What else?

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Fixing the Philippines – text a tenner

On a map of the world you will see to the East a shattered land mass, smashed into over 7,000 pieces and afloat on the sea  just below China and to the right of Vietnam.  It is the Philippines.  The United Kingdom looks sturdy in comparison but even so it was not hard to imagine the shocking force of Super Typhoon Haiyan as it bludgeoned its way over the archipelago on the morning of Friday 8 November 2013.

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Education and punishment – to flog or not to flog? (The Graphic 1879)

To flog or not to flog?

To flog or not to flog?

This is a short piece looking at attitudes to discipline in education as expressed in The Graphic (an illustrated weekly newspaper) of 1879.

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