Sorry now it’s gone

This is a thank you to a young shop, that turned a dark corner bright, during the lock/unlock days of Covid. Sadly, without enough customers, the shop has had to close.

We shall miss it. Purely selfish, but we loved knowing it was there. On some days, the space it occupied with such welcome, felt so sunny, that we might have been on faraway shores.

Now there is a gap in our lives, and in that gap there is a feeling of guilt. We were happy, occasional customers, serving our needs, not thinking about what the shop might need to benefit as much as we did, from it being there. We were careless, and are now sorry to have lost a business with such heart.

My thanks to the little wine shop, for the light it brought in the dark days. I hope that in the future we’ll do better at supporting the physical businesses that add so much to our lives.

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The luxury of Naples

A look back (first published 3 December 2014): I posted this photograph piece after discovering Via dei Mille in the Chiaia district of Naples. There are other ‘wealthy corners’ in the city but it’s hard to beat the seafront area as a location.

The Phraser

DSC01912The light on the sea in Naples is like oxygen for the mind.  It has space and calm, and is free of dark cobbles and hectic life.

Here are some pictures of a few of the quieter, wealthier corners of Naples.

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