Afghanistan – as seen by The Graphic weekly newspaper 1879

Posting dispatches - Afghanistan

Posting dispatches – Afghanistan

“No Afghan ruler will henceforth, unless he is prepared for an immediate rupture, either admit a Russian envoy into his capital, or repel an English Mission.”  The brave words of the Saturday Review, 1879.   

The bold statement was reprinted in the The Graphic, a magazine from London which that week, June 7, 1879, printed its first article referring to the ‘late Afghan War’.  The two pieces that follow, the second on troopship bath-times,  are as produced in the original edition of The Graphic.

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Afghanistan, the Thames and Shanghai in The Graphic May 1879

May 31, 1879, The Graphic, an illustrated weekly newspaper from London, predicts trouble in Afghanistan if the British Army withdraws; celebrates Londoners getting their bridges back; takes a canter round the Shanghai Derby; and has a solution for ‘general debility’.

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Rates, racing, war and crime … and the size of bonnets



All the drama and fretting from this week, April 5, 1879 as presented by The Graphic, an illustrated weekly newspaper from London. The text and illustrations are as produced in the original publication.  (Links to recent articles in today’s media on the same, or similar topics, have been added for interest.  These are marked by a different coloured font in the text.)

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