A ‘sagra’ on an old Roman road north of Naples, Italy

Bees swarming at the 'Sagra delle antiche taverne'

Bees swarming at the ‘Sagra delle antiche taverne’

Sagre‘, and this was our first, are the right-in-the-thick-of-it festival celebrations that usually revolve around food.

Originally the meaning was linked to churches and the Latin word sacrum – holy.  Now they are still about expectation and celebration, but often with a local speciality centre stage rather than the church.

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Brain food – 10 morsels about Rome


Facts about Rome – where do you start?  Here are ten and not just to do with food.

I.        Rome at the height of its power was the first city in Europe to have to feed over a million citizens.  Much of the food had to be imported

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