Interview with watercolour artist, Frances Simpson (my sister-in-law)

Frances Simpson – Kenyan watercolour artist

‘Interview’ is quite a grand word for what was really a snatch of questions, but I did manage a few. Here’s what I found.

Frances Simpson (known to many as Franny) has painted in watercolour for years, encouraged, she told me, by her husband’s wedding gift to her…a studio.

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Interview (2012) with Allen Parton founder of Hounds For Heroes

In 2012 I read a book called Endal about a yellow labrador and his owner Allen Parton. This interview followed, and was written up before The Phraser existed.

The Phraser

Article written for Round & About magazine, new content coming soon!

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Interview: Jem Rolls on Performance Poetry and the Fringes

So pleased to discover this in amongst the early Phraser pieces. Originally I split the interview into two parts – here I have put them together. My thanks always to Jem Rolls for allowing me the interview.

The Phraser

Jem Rolls - Performance Poet Jem Rolls – Performance Poet

Jem Rolls – a tall, intense performance poet with over two decades experience – first performed his poetry on stage at the age of 31. He began in London, took his work to Edinburgh, and has spent many summers performing on the Canadian Fringes.  

Here he explains the art of the performance poet, and touches on the life and challenges that come with it.

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