ZANE – into the eye of the sun

Tom and Jane Benyon, and their dog Moses, are walking to raise money for the bereft and suffering in Zimbabwe. The charity, founded by Tom, is called ZANE – Zimbabwe A National Emergency. I joined them for one day of their walk.

I am not at my shiniest at 5.30 am. Last Monday when the alarm went off I was barely alive, every cell in deep sleep.

It was so comfortable … until I was suddenly jangled awake, by the thought of trying to explain to Tom and Jane that I would not be joining them on the walk due to sleepiness.

I set off to find them somewhere in Warwickshire. The car radio warned of a hot day ahead.

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The 2 Incredibles are home – Tom’s Trek for ZANE is done


“It’s time to make some wrong things right!”

The 2 Incredibles – who are they?

Tom Benyon is one, and his superpower, unleashed as the millennium changed, is his ability to honour the forgotten of Zimbabwe. Stubborn and determined bearer of the deep red roundel for ZANE (Zimbabwe a National Emergency), he strides the valleys and peaks of his island home to raise ransom for those held hostage by lack of care. His mission – to bring them care.

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2018 – Tom Benyon OBE walks for ZANE, Zimbabwe…again

Tom and Jane Benyon (ZANE) on the final stretch of their 2013 walk into Oxford

Tom and Jane Benyon (ZANE) on the final stretch of their 2013 walk into Oxford

“There they are…sun hats, sticks, fluorescent vests…that’s them.”

“Walking? From Bournemouth to Oxford? In this heat? They’ve just had their 50th wedding anniversary. You sure?”

“Yes. I’m sure.”

“They’re mad. Why do they do it?”

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