The London Olympics 2012 – was that us?

The Olympics dust off continued…this, again from the early days of The Phraser, was how it felt after the Olympics had happened. I can still remember the vivid switch in mood.

The Phraser

London Olympics 2012 London Olympics 2012

London raised its Olympic hat to the world, and found a new bounce beneath its feet.

The Games ignited the city with music, confidence, competition, and a collection of the most charismatic athletes the world could ever hope for. The fortnight exhausted us and then added new energy.

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Some thoughts in the weeks before the 2012 Olympics

Another piece from the early days of The Phraser. This one is my impression of London and the ‘mood’ before the 2012 Olympics. I’ve tidied it slightly but only to shorten a few of sentences.

The Phraser

London Olympics 2012 London Olympics 2012

London’s high performance summer is about to begin. A Henman Hill mood carpets the capital…surprise at having got this far and anxiety about what happens next.

The weather is damp and dreadful – an oppression of rain – a familiar blanket for a public keeping its chin up, and disregarding all logistical odds. This is what Londoners understand – how to create miracles on a soggy island.

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The identity question – Zimbabwean?

Why are we who we are? This is an old thought remastered, that takes me straight back to where I began.

The Phraser

Zimbabwe's children - what next? Zimbabwe

A young man, a stranger, asked me about identity, about my identity as a Zimbabwean. His question made me think…am I Zimbabwean?

The further I travel the more elusive the idea of ‘belonging’ becomes, and the more urgent the need for ‘identity’.

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Baristi and stress on the caffeine front

It’s winter again and I’m back in the UK so I thought I’d give this coffee post another shot of thanks.

The Phraser

Coffee - a pleasure in life Coffee – a pleasure in life

Coffee and I are well-acquainted. We meet often, frequently in a motorway services. The setting is big, like a strange spaceship, but the point is the caffeine – especially in winter.

Winter in the UK is sock damp and everywhere, smudged beyond the windowpane into a world that hides in its own armpit – head down, surviving.

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UPDATE 2 – Live export: thousands of sheep on standby in Australia

Sheep - these two in Lancashire, England

Sheep – these two in Lancashire, England

Today thousands of Australia’s sheep await their government’s decision on how, when or if they will be shipped across the ocean to the heat-blazed summer of the Middle East.

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Army recruitment – is anyone talking to the families?

A programme on the radio got me thinking. It was the gap in it that caught my mind.

Ten days ago a panel of experts in The Briefing Room on Radio Four put forward important reasons for the shortage of recruits for the British Army.

Not one of the experts represented, or mentioned, Army families.

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UPDATE – Live export: thousands of miles by sea to slaughter

A ewe and her lamb in the north of Spain

A ewe and her lamb in the north of Spain

My thanks to Lyn Douglas in Australia for telling me about the new regulations announced today around the live export of sheep.

The key points are listed below.

  • There will be no ban on the live sheep trade from Australia in the Middle Eastern summer.
  • The number of sheep transported per vessel in the summer months will be reduced by 28 per cent.
  • Independent observers will travel on all ships carrying cattle or sheep.
  • Any company that breaks the rules could face a fine of A$2.1 million.
  • The directors of any such company could face a jail term of up to ten years.

RSPCA Australia remains concerned.

Here is the link to the UK Reuters report.

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