Art Exhibition – The Stars are Bright – London

Exhibiton of paintings by students at Cyrene Mission School in Zimbabwe some seventy years ago

Rocks and Flowers (1945) by William Nyati (The Stars are Bright)

My visit to this art exhibition in early October 2020 felt like a journey into a fragile time warp. I left it filled with nostalgia for the land where I was born … and with a question.

How would this show of school art from Africa, intended originally for international audiences in the 1940s, be seen in the middle of Black History Month in London, over seventy years later?

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Review: The Studio of Rosemary Miller in Seale, Surrey

Every so often there comes the chance to pause in another more tranquil world.  Rosemary Miller’s studio gives you the garden space, the welcome and the paintings to enjoy doing just that.

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