The hands of Naples

The shoe polisher at the heart of the commute on Via Toledo

The shoe polisher at the heart of the commute on Via Toledo

The morning walk to work files to and fro through the city.  On a good day some will stop to add a shine to their shoes.

The baker prepares pastries for the cafes and patisseries, to be sold as gifts or for breakfast.

Street artists and businesses arrange themselves for the day.

Dogs get walked; washing is hung; news read; and scooters set about the city.

There are travellers and those who keep them safe.

To end, here are some hands that have helped make Naples known around the world: the handmade glove industry; the statue of Dante Alighieri in the Piazza Dante; Garibaldi  – a sample of his handwriting in a note that grants the English land on which to build their church; and part of Caravaggio’s famous painting ‘Seven Acts of Mercy’ that hangs in the chapel of the charity Pio Monte della Misericordia.

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3 thoughts on “The hands of Naples

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    A look back (first published on 10 December 2014): we had been on the outskirts of Naples a little under four months at this point. These were the hands that caught my eye – all I would do differently now is give each photograph more space.


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