Walking for RUH Bath – day seven was ‘up’


Today was a solo day, one that had me fretting through the night. It would be long, it would be hot, and it had the “Cam”. This morning, feeling very jelly baby, I set off.

Little did I know that the Cam was only one of four climbs. The next photograph shows a few of the others.

Coaley Peak (where I was when I took this) was at the top of my first climb today. My second climb was Cam Peak, the first dark ridge on the left of the photograph beyond the sign. Behind it is my third climb, the longer ridge, known as Stinchcombe Hill. The Cotswold Way links all of them via mostly wooded valleys filled with deep green shade. Sadly that shade melted away whenever I made a summit.

It was on the third summit that I got to see the fourth climb of the day a little more clearly. It still looked worryingly far away.

Thankfully, I had the golfers on Stinchcombe Hill golf course to impress … so I kept going.

And there were the views to the Severn Bridge to enjoy, and glimpses of traffic to remind me that I was having a good time.

There were also magnificent trees in the woods.

And each of them was generous with their shade.

There were wild flowers in the fields and on the verges.

There were some strange sightings.

….and there was the kindness of strangers.

It was a grand day in every sense, and n a few hours day eight should begin … and then just two more days to follow that. I hope each will be more alongwards than upwards.

Thanks for reading. Hope it makes sense.


Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2021

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