Time for a summer break … not far, but greener


Away from my Desk

I just wanted to let you know that I am going to take a break for a few weeks. You may well not even notice, given that my blogging is so erratic these days, but at least there is a note on the page in case you do decide to look in.

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading and taking the time to comment. It is so good to know that you’re out there. Special thanks also to the brave ‘free writers’ who joined me during the early months of lockdown. I loved the company and the mini-thought posts that came with it. Bizarre how long ago it feels now.

Finally, a big mention to Zim, where the challenges only seem to multiply. It’s extraordinary to watch the fight against corruption and abuse … so determined despite the terrible odds. I’ve felt a sort of agonising grief/hope with each painful step forward, and truly can’t imagine the courage it takes. I’ll keep watching.

Well … that’s it.

Wishing you the best wherever you are, and hope to see you again sometime in September.


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The Phraser – an apology and an explanation

My desk - it's been busy

My desk – it’s been busy

Dear Reader,

In case you’re there, and wondering where I might be, this is an apology for the silence, and an explanation … two explanations. The first is sad, and the second is hopeful.

  1. I’ve just been to Scotland for the funeral of a wonderful lady and friend; and
  2. I’m tidying up The Phraser to make it easier to navigate, and to prepare for a new focus on all things to do with books.

The site should be ready and gleaming by the end of the month. Meanwhile, I hope you have the time to do some browsing – The Phraser is open for that.

I look forward to getting back to you, and wish you good reading and good company … always!


Tips: Re-publishing a post on WordPress; (and ZANE)

Tom and Jane Benyon of ZANE preparing to leave York on their 2012 fundraising walk to Canterbury

Tom and Jane Benyon of ZANE, and fellow hikers, preparing to leave York on their 2012 fundraising walk to Canterbury

Old blog-posts can be brought out into the light by re-publishing.  It’s worth it if they’re about anything as important and excellent as ZANE (Zimbabwe a National Emergency).

ZANE is a small, UK-based charity that puts its heart into raising money for the team on the ground in Zimbabwe who care for some of the country’s most destitute and vulnerable.

I first met the UK ZANE team in 2012.  At the time I was a fledgling blogger who hardly understood which way was up.  I’m slightly better now and keen to try to do more justice to ZANE.

One slight problem – re-blogging is not as easy as I thought it would be.

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